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Music+Code Lesson Plan Samples

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Note: The date created for the chronology and progression of these lessons. In general, the older dates are easier, and the newer dates are more challenging.

Structure and Form

Hot Cross Buns Structure and Form by Devin Ulibarri (1/30/2016 | original lesson plan is available on our NextCloud)

Sakura by Devin Ulibarri (3/5/2018 | to be uploaded to MAPFLC from NextCloud)


Exploring Beat and Rhythm by Walter Bender (9/21/2019)

Chest, Snap, Clap by Devin Ulibarri (1/27/2019 | to be uploaded to MAPFLC from NextCloud)

Geometry and Rhythms by Devin Ulibarri (4/15/2020)

Animated Polyrhythms by Walter Bender (1/4/2020)

(Advanced) Circular Rhythm Ruler by Walter Bender (6/7/2020)


Make a Metronome by Devin Ulibarri (9/11/2020)


Intervals by Walter Bender (11/18/2019)

Thirds and Sixths by Devin Ulibarri (9/22/2020)

Color of Intervals by Devin Ulibarri (4/15/2020)

Interval Sudoku by Devin Ulibarri (6/5/2020)

Dissonance to Consonance by Devin Ulibarri (10/03/2020)

Pitch Number (Chromatic)

Pitch Number, Fret, and Rock and Roll by Devin Ulibarri (5/17/2020)

From one String to Many by Devin Ulibarri (Work in Progress)

Chance and Randomness

Exploring Chance by Walter Bender (9/28/2019)


Canon by Walter Bender (10/5/2019)


Conditionals by Walter Bender (10/10/2019


Sensors by Walter Bender (10/18/2019)


Events by Walter Bender (10/29/2019)

Make a Piano by Walter Bender (1/26/2020)

Crazy Keyboard by Walter Bender (4/12/2020)


The Heap by Walter Bender (11/22/2019)


Broadcast by Walter Bender (12/07/2019)


Face the Music by Walter Bender (12/20/2019)


Quiet/Loud by Walter Bender (1/19/2020)


Symmetry by Walter Bender (2/8/2020)


Multimedia by Walter Bender (2/22/2020)

Heroes and Monsters by Walter Bender (3/7/2020)

Picture Hunt by Walter Bender (3/14/2020)


Switch by Walter Bender (3/28/2020)


Input by Walter Bender (4/12/2020)

Logic Games

Deducto by Walter Bender (4/26/2020)

Interactive Games

Mousetrap by Walter Bender (5/23/2020)


Strange Loops by Walter Bender (7/19/2020)

Useful Tool Creation

Make your own Tuner by Devin Ulibarri (7/19/2020) Note: Needs a computer with a microphone.


Conversions by Walter Bender (8/5/2020)

Pitch (Hz) and Fractions

Building a Scale by Devin Ulibarri (8/7/2020)

Interactive Games

Cookie Hunt by Walter Bender (11/8/2020)