Updated on 9/24/23

Focused on education

Your patronage helps us to staff the very best teachers for you. At MAP, we put education at the center of everything we do. We believe that everyone can achieve; they just need the right guidance. Our instructors are here to give that guidance.

We also know that you are looking for the very best pricing. This is why we offer discounted pricing for families with enrolled siblings, oyako (enrolled parent and child), and seniors. We also offer discounted pricing when you plan ahead and either book twelve or more classes or purchase booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes) for use towards multiple lessons and/or group classes.

Also, please remember that you get much more out of consistent classes and lessons than just discounted pricing. MAP teachers have been known to answer questions, send tips on how to practice and learn at home, and sometimes even submit letters of recommendation for a high school or college application. But most importantly of all: people learn best and achieve when they have made the decision that they are in it for the long term.

Trial Lessons

Before committing, you have the option to take a trial lesson. Trial lessons are $13.75 for thirty minutes for your first private lesson at MAP. You can book a trial lesson any time. The steps are: find a teacher you would like to try a lesson with, choose a date/time and completing necessary fields, click book, and input coupon code trial-lesson at checkout. If you need assistance with booking, please email info@mapflc.om and tell us who you would like to study with, the name of the student (if not yourself), and your desired date/time. Trial lessons are thirty minutes and may be split among siblings after notifying us in advance.

Base pricing

$33 per class for a group class; therefore a six-week-long group class is $198, and a ten-week-long group class is $330. The sibling discount rate is $28 per class for a group class; therefore a six-week-long group class is $168, and a ten-week-long group class is $280 (per student). Group classes are typically an hour.

$55 per thirty minute lesson. There is no sibling discount rate for private lessons, however you are encouraged to purchase booking credits, which give you more lessons and/or classes at a lower rate (see “Year-round booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes)” below).

Note: The difference of a group class and private lesson pricing is a 3:5 ratio. There are no price increases planned for the near future, but updates will maintain this same relationship.

Year-round discounts

Year-round “plan ahead” automatic in-cart discounts (no coupons or passes required)

30 minute lessonsDiscount (percent)Base price per lessonDiscounted price per lessonSibling/oyako/senior discount available?*
48+15%$55$46.75yes (+5%)
24-4710%$55$49.50yes (+5%)
12-235%$55$52.25yes (+5%)
Booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes) and discount breakdown

*Sibling, senior, and oyako (Parent and Child) Discounts.Take an extra 5% off any of the above tiers. Use any of the following coupon codes to apply the additional discount: SIBLING, SENIOR, or OYAKO.

Year-round booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes)

Booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes)Discount (percent)Sibling/oyako/senior discount available?*Total purchasable lessons (at 10 credits each)Link:
48015%yes (+5%)48Get 480 credits!
24010%yes (+5%)24Get 240 credits!
1205%yes (+5%)12Get 120 credits!
Booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes) and discount breakdown. Note: these year-round offerings are not for use for group classes.

*Sibling, senior, and oyako (Parent and Child) Discounts.Take an extra 5% off any of the above tiers. Use the following coupon code to apply the additional discount: siblingcredits.

MAP Afterschool

Afterschool pricing is $16 per hour and $14 per hour for siblings. Classes are 2.5 hours each day, and we follow the Malden Public Schools calendar for holidays and half-days, which are no class days for MAP afterschool. We bill on a monthly basis, and we bill the average of classes for the entire semester, so that your payments stay the same each month.

Special Discounts

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Financial Assistance

At times when funding is available, we offer financial assistance to families who qualify. If you are interested in applying, please read https://malden.mapflc.com/application-for-financial-assistance/ for more information.