Welcome to M.A.P. Family Learning Center!

M.A.P. stands for “Music, Art, and Programming”. We offer afterschool care, summer workshops, private lessons, and group classes, with an emphasis on music, art, and (computer) programming. Our offerings and approach to education and care is unique. Please follow the links below for more information on upcoming classes and other programs.

Private Lesson and Group Class Offerings

Please see our more complete list of classes and lesson offerings for Spring 2024.

Pre-Teen and Teen Art Class

Classes start Saturday, January 13.

Teens ages 11-17 are invited to question, explore, experiment, and solve problems as they create and interact with art.

Fall Afterschool

Interested in attending afterschool at our location in Malden, MA location?

Interested in learning music and programming together?

Looking for classes in Music+Code? Please see our lesson plans that utilize Music Blocks to teach programming to youth as young as 2nd grade.

Looking for online music+code classes? Please see our class and lesson offerings for more details.

Questions about MAP and our family?