Note: The schedule below has been updated on 9/24/2023. It reflects the 2023 early fall schedule. Please check here again from time to time to stay up-to-date with the most recent class and lesson offerings.

MAP Afterschool

High-quality learning during after school out-of-school time. Learn music, art, and programming from warm, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers for only $16/hour ($14/hour at the sibling rate).

In-person learning, located across from Beebe School in Malden, MA at 10 Dexter St. (Beebe School pickup available)

All levels and abilities welcome.

Classes start Tuesday, September 6.

Now accepting students ages 5-10.

Group Art Classes

Landscape Painting with Acrylic

Landscape painting with acrylic

Starting Saturday, October 7, we are offering an eight-week class to learn the art of landscape painting with acrylic.

Group Music+Code Classes

Currently the only offerings for group music+code classes are through MAP Afterschool or part of advanced ongoing classes. Please contact Devin via to propose times for future beginner classes.

Private Lessons (Online or In Person)

Note: All private lessons are available either online or in person at our Malden, MA location (10 Dexter St. STE 1, Malden, MA 02148). Private lessons are appropriate for any age (children, adults, adolescence, and seniors).

Lessons in guitar or music+code

For guitar lessons with Devin Ulibarri, please go to to learn more and schedule classes.

Image of a young man at left and a man at right, both holding guitars behind music stands.
Learn guitar with Devin Ulibarri.

Lessons in art

For art lessons with Chie Yasuda, please go to to learn more and schedule classes.

Woman with straight black hair looks at camera, smiling.
Learn art with Chie Yasuda.

Lessons in piano, flute, and more

Now taking lessons on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings until 12:30pm, Anabel Gil Diaz teaches piano, flute, and more. If you are new to MAP and would like to do a trial lesson, please email and let us know your schedule.

Image of woman in blue shirt holding a flute, smiling, standing outside
Learn piano, flute, and more with Anabel Gil Diaz

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