MAP Pricing and Policy Updates

A newly published “Current MAP Base Pricing and Available Discounts” page is available at This page will have all the important pricing information year-round, with some helpful information on how to receive “plan ahead” in-cart discounts as well as links to booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes) that will get you discounts while boosting your education.

Last year’s updates

The pricing builds upon last year’s pricing updates. There are fewer updates than last year, and the updates only affect discounts; none of the base prices have changed.

Updates to pricing

Updates to sibling discounts for group classes

The sibling discount rate for group classes is now $28 per class. This is the best offer we are able to sustain for families with siblings.

Note: Families with siblings, parent-child combos (“oyako”), and senior citizens may still receive an additional discount for bulk purchases of private lessons using the coupon codes sibling, oyako, and senior for an additional 5% off twelve lessons or more; but the coupon does not apply to group classes and special offers.

Updates to Black Friday special offers

Those who participated in last year’s Black Friday offerings will notice that the discounts are not as deep as years prior. We did put a lot of thought into this year’s Black Friday offerings, and the offer is the best that we are able to do this year. We hope that it helps!

Policy reminders

As per our policy, please remember to give advanced notice if you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson time.

MAP Pricing and Policy Updates

This article announces important pricing and policy updates that will affect every student at MAP. All current students should familiarize themselves with these updates. This announcement is public for fairness and transparency. If you have any questions, please contact us.

These changes affect both online as well as in-person students.

In particular, the most significant updates are for private lessons.


In mid-March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, we chose to convert everyone’s hour group lesson registrations into half-hour private lessons, and these private lessons were provided at the previous group lesson rate. All classes were conducted online for a little over a year. We made this decision so that students could continue learning uninterrupted despite the various disruptions (i.e. school closings, stay at home mandates, etc.) at the time. We also did this because we felt that, in particular, group music classes would be difficult to conduct online. Although we have no regrets for making this decision, continuing this way is unsustainable.

Pricing and Policy Updates: What Did we Consider?

We carefully considered many factors for our pricing and policy updates. In fact, for all of our current students, we calculated how every single student might be affected. If you are currently enrolled in classes at MAP–whether online or in-person–we will be communicating with you about these updates.

In particular, we considered:

  • Sustainability — Without sustainability none of what we do at MAP is possible. The past 20 months has left MAPFLC in a vulnerable position. We want to serve you, and serve you and others like you for a long time!
  • Quality — Our aim is to provide quality education. A quality education requires quality educators, and quality educators requires that those educators have what they need to focus on classes, private lessons, lesson plans, continued professional development, and all the little things that go into providing students the best experience possible.
  • Trade-offs — Returning private lessons to their pre-pandemic prices was inevitable. However, we also looked for places where we could either continue discounts or provide new discounts. For example, group lessons are now more economical than ever.
  • Fairness — The change in private lesson pricing better reflects the difference in value between group and private.
  • Growth — We would love to grow. We hope that one day, for example, our youngest students can have “working as a MAP instructor” as a viable career option for what they want to do when they grow up. How wonderful would it be to have, for example, a former student become the head instructor-manager for a MAP at a new location!

Updated Private Lesson Pricing and Policies


Overall, private lesson prices have increased. This was unavoidable due to the very nature of one-on-one private lessons.

For those looking for a deal should consider group lessons. Some special “plan ahead” discounts continue, but discounts will be less deep.

Specific Updates

These are the specific changes to private lesson pricing and policy.

Pricing Updates

  • The base price for private lessons will increase 10% from $50 per half-hour to $55 per half-hour (i.e. $110 per hour).
  • For those using booking credits that allow for use for both private and group (e.g. from Black Friday Deals), the new cost for private lessons is 10 credits, not 6. This maintains the pricing ratio (i.e. 5:3, for math geeks who want to know) between private lesson cost and group lessons. More importantly, however, it helps guarantee that our faculty are properly compensated for their time and expertise.
  • Year-Round “Plan Ahead Discounts” are updated to:
    • 5% off for 12 private lessons or more.
    • 10% off for 24 private lessons or more.
    • 15% off for 48 private lessons or more.
    • Sibling, (New!) Senior, and (New!) Oyako (Parent and Child) Discounts.Take an extra 5% off any of the above tiers. Use any of the following coupon codes to apply the additional discount: SIBLING, SENIOR, or OYAKO
  • Some Special Offer pricing has changed. Please subscribe to our newsletters for Special Offer Discounts.

Policy Updates

During the last 20 months of the pandemic, we allowed for last-minute cancellations and “no shows” without compensation. Again, we have no regrets for operating this way, but this is unsustainable and is discontinued immediately.

This being said, for private lessons, MAP Family Learning Center leads the way with an innovative cancellation policy meant to keep the learning moving. You can read on our “Terms and Conditions” page, but the idea is, if you miss a lesson your instructor will spend the lesson time to create instructional materials for you (e.g. video/audio recording of the music you are working on, an short article/handout about the music/art you are working on, feedback on your latest creation etc.)

Updated Group Class Pricing and Policies


Overall, group class prices have stayed the same or decreased. When looking at the price difference between group and private, we decided this has the fair thing to do.

For those looking for a deal, the only option would be to look out for Special Offers, which we announce through our newsletters.

Specific Updates

These are the specific changes to group class pricing and policy.

Pricing Updates

  • The base price for group classes has decreased from $35 to $33 per hour.
  • (No change) The sibling rate for group classes will stay the same at $25 per hour.
  • (New!) Sibling rates are now extended to include “oyako” registrations for both a parent and a child (e.g. one parent takes “adult group guitar” or “adult group art” and one child takes another group class).
  • (No change) For those using booking credits that allow for use for both private and group (e.g. from Black Friday Deals), the cost remains the same at 6 credits per group class (there is no separate sibling rate for group classes for booking credits).
  • (No change) There are no Year-Round “Plan Ahead Discounts”.
  • There are no additional discounts for enrolling in additional group classes.
  • Some Special Offer pricing has changed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for Special Offer Discounts.

Policy Updates

(No change) There are no changes to the cancellation/no-show policy for group classes. As a reminder, there are no refunds for missed classes. (see our Terms and Conditions for more information)


Unfortunately, there are no scholarships available at this time.

However, we have been actively searching for assistance in providing scholarships. If you would like to sponsor scholarships as an individual please donate to . If you would like to sponsor scholarships as an organization, you may use the same page or you may reach out directly to us at to request visibility. We thank you for your generous support!

Future Updates?

No major changes are forecast at this time. The above changes were made after very careful consideration, and are expected to help MAP operate from now through 2022.