A newly published “Current MAP Base Pricing and Available Discounts” page is available at https://mapflc.com/current-map-base-pricing-and-available-discounts/. This page will have all the important pricing information year-round, with some helpful information on how to receive “plan ahead” in-cart discounts as well as links to booking credits (a.k.a. gift passes) that will get you discounts while boosting your education.

Last year’s updates

The pricing builds upon last year’s pricing updates. There are fewer updates than last year, and the updates only affect discounts; none of the base prices have changed.

Updates to pricing

Updates to sibling discounts for group classes

The sibling discount rate for group classes is now $28 per class. This is the best offer we are able to sustain for families with siblings.

Note: Families with siblings, parent-child combos (“oyako”), and senior citizens may still receive an additional discount for bulk purchases of private lessons using the coupon codes sibling, oyako, and senior for an additional 5% off twelve lessons or more; but the coupon does not apply to group classes and special offers.

Updates to Black Friday special offers

Those who participated in last year’s Black Friday offerings will notice that the discounts are not as deep as years prior. We did put a lot of thought into this year’s Black Friday offerings, and the offer is the best that we are able to do this year. We hope that it helps!

Policy reminders

As per our policy, please remember to give advanced notice if you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson time.

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